Sunday, January 20, 2008

Malayalam Masala clips

Nayan back in Malayalam
Nayantara, who started her career with Malayalam films, is returning to her roots again after a gap of three years. The pretty actress is the reigning queen in both Kollywood and Tollywood.
Nayantara will appear opposite Prithviraj in Twenty:20 directed by popular Malayalam director Joshi, being made to raise revenue for the Malayalam Actors' Federation. All prominent Malayalam actors, including superstars Mohanal, Mammootty, Suresh Gopi, Dileep, Jayaram and others are acting in this movie for free.
Nayan, who is riding the success wave after her show-stopping glam makeover in Tamil film, Billa, had agreed to act in this film only because of its noble cause. Recently, she shot a song sequence for the film with Prithviraj in Chennai for four days under choreographer Brinda’s supervision.

Film strike on March 2 - Mamooty ditches Mohanlal?

Swargachitra Appachan a leading distributor known to be anti Mohanlal in stance has taken over the leadership of the Film producers- distributors- exhibitors’ war against film stars taking part in the Asianet- Jeeva award nite. The artistes association has sent a letter to producers asking them to relieve the artistes from March 2nd to take part in the rehearsal camp. The Producers assn. has said that after March 2nd the situation will be clear about artistes taking part in the starnite. They stated that if any producer gives a complaint stating that he is not able to relieve his artiste for the star nite and the artiste goes ahead then he or she would face a ban. The idea is to stop shootings from March 2nd instead of March 8th the day after the Asianet show. Appachan has stated that after March 2nd the industry will decide which artistes will sit at home forever. Meanwhile there are rumors of Mammoty a known supporter of Appachan crossing camp to the Film chamber side. Directors Priyadrashan, Satyan, Joshi, Sibi, Sidiq, G S Vijayan are the show directors. AMMA has decided to take on the Film Chamber. The screenplay keeps on unfolding but nobody knows the climax.
Hariharan unhappy

Hariharan the director and VBK Menon who went bust were to produce Vadakamnathan with Mohanlal as hero. The film's story-screenplay is written by Girish Puthencheri the lyrics writer. At first Menon was dropped. Later Lal dropped out and screenplay was written again. A polished well-written screenplay with Lal again as hero but this time Hariharan is out and Shajoon Kariyal is in as director.
Gayathri Jayaram's Malayalam film in trouble?

Gayathri Jayaram who did not find many roles in Tamil shifted base to Kerala with Salperu Ramankutty directed by Anil Babu and Jayaram as hero. This film is in the cans due to financial reasons. Gayathri issued statements saying that she loves to do only Malayalam films and that Jagathy is her favourite actor. Till her debut film is released no offers are coming in. Will Gayathri change her love for Kerala filmdom?
Gayathri out Rambha in

The Jayaram starrer Mayilattam directed by V M Vinu (Baleetan fame) began its shooting in Pollachi. The first choice of heroine was Rambha. But on the first day the shooting began without Rambha. Immediately the producers sent message to Chennai to look for another heroine. Gayathri Raghuram was sent to the location. When she heard the story she felt that she did not have much to do and declined to act in the film. Even without taking a shot she left. At that time Rambha's manager who saw a SMS replied back and the producers told him about their problem. Rambha was sent to the location and shooting commenced. Only thing is that Rambha does not know that Gayathri had rejected the film.
Dileep turns Chadhiyan Chandu?

‘Chadhiyan Chandu’ means betrayer Chandu. Now we hear that Dileep who was to play the role in this film with a changed title Chadhikatha Chandu (Chandu who does betray) has proved otherwise. He has given the dates meant for this film to the Priyadarshan film and left the director duo Rafi- Mercartin high and dry. Now why should this be an act of ingratitude? The directors can just wait . But a small little flashback might make you get the point. Rafi- Mercartin who planned Punjabi House with Jayaram found that the actor did not have the dates. The producer Saga Appachan wanted to drop the film but it was the director who told the producer that with a few changes in the script it could be done with Dileep. It was Dileep’s first hit. When Dileep was rotting it was the same directors who cast him in Thenkasipattanam and despite the presence of Suresh Gopi and Lal it was Dileep who was credited with the hit of the movie. Sometimes old memories don’t remain in your head and especially if you are a Superstar
Bhawana - wrong move?

Will Bhawana commit the same mistake that Nithya Das did? Nithya who was heroine in Dileep film Ee Parakam Thalika was requested by the latter to come in a single song sequence in Kunjikoonan Navya Nair was the heroine. To please Dileep she agreed and today Nithya has only sister roles to play. Now Bhawana comes in a guest role in Dileep’s Joshi film. Will it ruin her career? She is already on cloud nine after Swapnakoodu is termed a hit.
Anil- Babu split

After the great split of Sidiq- Lal directorial team it’s the turn of Anil- Babu to split. The duo directing their 25th film Parayam stated that both are parting in best of interests. The reason being that they both sought to work independently and there was no difference of opinion. Anil is married to Kalapana, sister of Urvasi.
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